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Now that we're getting almost a whole post per day, thanks to some professional-level funposting, I thought I should explain why I started this site and what I want to become.

First off, I still love Wizardchan. I'm not trying to replace it or anything like that. If Virginchan takes off, I'd hope many people would use both. That said, I suspect there are a lot of older-age virgins who want to hang out with their fellow virgins but feel alienated or constrained by the rules and culture of Wizardchan. I want Virginchan to be less cynical and more accepting, without losing the sense of community that comes from being with people you can relate to.

I want Virginchan to be cool with virgins who don't think they'll still be virgins by age 30. And with people who have dated or kissed but never made it to sex. Hell, I wouldn't even mind if non-virgins wanted to post here to ask us questions or give advice. But maybe that's going a bit far for you guys. I also hope we can be cool with virgins with IRL friends, women virgins and so on.

This absolutely isn't to say that Virginchan is just for "normie virgins". I'm a kissless virgin. Outside of obligations, pleasantries, etc., I doubt I've even talked to a girl for at least a decade. And I expect both those things will be true of most people who post here.

So why does it matter then? Because discussion can be more free and open, and I think the board culture will end up more positive and fun.

So far it's working great. I'm really impressed by the quality of posting here. Although, to be fair, that could just be because no one outside of Wizardchan IRC knows about it.

>If you aren't banning normies, then why not just use Facebook or 4chan?

I didn't start this site because I wanted to get normies out of my internet. I want to talk about virginity-related stuff with other virgins as well as talking about other stuff.

I haven't added any rules yet because I like imageboards better when they have little moderation. The best thing about imageboards is that you get a very direct view into people's brains. Reply to this thread with your ideas for what to do about rules. I'll be listening to you guys to decide what rules, if any, we have.

I also want to hear what you think we should do to grow the site. I prefer to keep it growing slowly, but eventually we're going to have to tell people outside of #wiz about it. I've been thinking about even keeping Virginchan out of Google almost entirely to reduce random traffic.

Lastly, I'm happy to listen to ideas for new boards. I can't think of any.

Well, thanks for reading all of that. It was a huge pain to write. This site is a bit of a long shot experiment, but I think it could be a lot of fun if it works out. So tell me where we should go from here.


An imageboard for virgins Jewish Wizardchan

  • Virginchan is a bit like its big brother Wizardchan except with more focus on chilling out and also relaxing.
  • No rules so far. Not sure if I'll add any. (Obviously, you still can't post anything illegal. That includes loli and JB.)
  • 3MB 25KB image size limit. (5000x8000px max dimensions.)