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Come join ota! We are non-/a/ /jp/ site! We want are looking for more anime elitists, japanese speakers, artists, and more NEETs! And we are fast too, we get lots of posts daily!
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Fugg, that cliffhang.
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So why aren't we conspiring against highschool girls and bringing them to parties?
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Does anyone else worship Kari Sweets?
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muh gunz thread

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well this place is dead, so how well armed are you?
>12ga pump shotgun
>.32 pocket revolver
>.45 1911
>ruger 10/22
>several combat knives
>12 ga flare gun
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You guys were children in 1996, right? Better days...
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After you finish school, being a wizard seems to get a fair bit easier.
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Feels thread

>tfw a drunk girl once kissed me
>that was 7 years ago
>I haven't talked to anyone in five years
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