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me irl
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I'm a fucking piece of shyness. Had a sit on the bus with a pretty qt girl. I was sitting all the ride right in front of her. Looking at her all the time.
Just when I made eye contact with her , I got ashamed and looked away. The only thing I remember is asking in a very muffled tone "Why do you look back at me?"
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>tfw 10 days without any new posts

Don't die on me virginchan, you're all I got left.
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I want to see if anyone can guess what's meant by "choose"
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What is life,, I dont get it? What am i dOng here???????????????? What do normal people do all day?? Is it normal To be on your Pc all the time?
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Search Ego Optimization

I need your help.
You know those con-artist that say they can help you start your business and try to sell you books and marketing strategies?

uhm.... list them here. once i get enough i'll delete the thread.
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Whoa. It's Christmas again.

I remember last Christmas on Virgin Chan. I guess that means we're at least year old now.

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What's a minor hobby of yours?

I do not mean an activity that's your main hobby or something quite unspecific such as 'drawing'. I mean a little, very specific thing that you do from time to time for fun.

For example, mine is finding international radio stations that broadcast on the web and then finding the actual streaming audio file. I record these stations from time to time by 'downloading' the streaming file (of course, the download technically never finishes, I just copy the .part file and put on a .mp3 suffix).

I think I do this because I feel that every time I listen to the radio, you get lots of good music that you might never hear again (these are stations in places like Germany or Wallis and Futuna, so I have no hope of understanding the song names) and I don't want to lose it. The quality isn't amazing (most broadcast in 128kbps MP3) but I like listening to them from time to time.

So what do you like to do on the side from time to time?
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