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  • Virginchan is a bit like its big brother Wizardchan except with more focus on chilling out and also relaxing.
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things used to be a lot simpler
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How do you feel about the death of Wizardchan?
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Wizardchan died but Virginchan gained no posters. And that's despite being mentioned on several fallout boards.

I know why I think that is but I'm more curious why you guys this it is. Let's do some analysis on the failed experiment that is Virginchan. Is it as simple as only true wizards caring about wizardry? Is there really no grey area between normie and wizard?
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What do you drink anons?\

For me its
>Whisky sours
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When did girls start rejecting you and hurting your feelings?
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So is there an inbetween place that's sort of like the halfway point between /r9k/ and wizardchan/wizchan? I jumped here looking for it but it seems you guys are looking to be more positive, whereas I want someplace to vent that isn't as restrictive as wizardchan.

For example, I want to vent about a particular friend right now and how one of his remarks pissed me off (related to virginity)
In /r9k/ there would be people telling me to fuck off to wizardchan, and in /dep/ I'd be told to fuck off for being a normie.

So where do I go?
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Who is trying to learn OpenGL?
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* the banner takes half of my screen
* the other half is taken by this posting widget
* you could at least combine them
* why not try vichan or fork the maintained lainchan code ?
* what do we need the name,email,password fields for ?
* virginchan is still something negative,you should have gone for sempaichan or something happier imported from weabos
* why is this place so barren ?
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