An imageboard for virgins Jewish Wizardchan

  • Virginchan is a bit like its big brother Wizardchan except with more focus on chilling out and also relaxing.
  • No rules so far. Not sure if I'll add any. (Obviously, you still can't post anything illegal. That includes loli and JB.)
  • 3MB 25KB image size limit. (5000x8000px max dimensions.)

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who else is a virgin?

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Virginchan: best chan

- No shitposts
- No containment boards
- No memes
- No trolling
- No whining
- No furries
- No dubs
- No normies
- No non-normies
- No posters of any kind
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Learnt a new word today: parthenophobia
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yeah. about to steal your users. hold up real quick.
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The colours and design of this site is terrible. Nobody is going to take it seriously. I would suggest just copying wizchan or some other chan.
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sorry virgin chan. i'm gonna steel your users first.
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Welp my pathetic life sure got absurdly empty when I stopped browsing imageboards... I see this place is still dead. Wake me up when the normalfag genocide begins OK?
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