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It is a shame no one understands my feelings.

It brings me great shame that I have feelings no one understands.

The feelings I have bring me great shame as no one understands them.

The understanding of feelings are shameful as they don't exist.

Shamefully, my feelings aren't understood do not exist.

The existence of my feelings is shameful and misunderstood.

Feeling is misunderstood and my existence.
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WizardElitists Refugee Thread

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Shalom kikes, just heard about this place today and after reading an "informative post", I think i'll make my home here as it's more my style than getting banned by nigmods for stupid shit that doesn't even break their rules. Help me get adjusted though, what's the formatting syntax and what if anything do you call each other? On Wizardchan, it's apparently just "anon" which I think is uncultured as fuck.
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i'm tired of having to respect women and then secretly disrespect them in order to be a healthy desirable male.
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Chances are, I'm getting locked up for the hottest minute.

But I can send letters. They have to be in english so I can comment the code very well so that they won't think it's cryptic terrorist shit.

I am finding myself to be a more "creative" developer rather than just a mainstream "build me a <something mundane based off of a framework that doesn't help me express my dare-I-say magic resurrecting programming agenda>"

I'll have to sharpen up with PHP just to ensure I can get something WORKING.
I am sure I can get books on the stuff for later important enhancements.

We get pens in Jail. ... Anywhere they'll take me I know.

My plan is this.
Make my own vector art library so that I can build little web3.0 apps with nice flat styles and maybe texture algorithms so that I can give a greater depth to the stuff going on.
Uhm. I'll have to fuck with PHP's graphic creation shits too. Not terrifying.

All you'll have to do is type what I write & skip the /**/ & <!-- --> parts.
I'd give access to a DB & FTP. I'd give you the password before I went to jail.
1and1 wooop!

No idea is a new one, so don't ask me to blow your mind especially if you don't have the faith I will already.
I wanted programming to be my life. This is actually the most sure fire way of doing it.

Its only worth your time if you believe I can generate something that will make money.
My girlfriend will distribute those funds.

And since we all want to be cute about it
HTMJail = Hyper Text Markup Jail Accessible Illustration Language.

Most of the textures will come from algorithms, but I could sample some from pictures sent in with Y and X axis rulers.

"Love isn't Money, Baby & I'm out on a L.i.M.B" ~Me to my beloved girl friend.

Honestly, jail will give me time to think, and maybe enough time for me to come to terms with not being able to get certain years back.
I'll be behind when I get out, but I can find basic work.

>yes OP is black
>I am not going to say what I went to jail for
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What kind of books you nerds readin' in your spare time?
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What do you do /virgins/?

for me its lifting, only for 3 months though.
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#Story of my life