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Have you seen this? What is being done to the country?
The current power Putin has made this database where you can find detailed information about every resident in the territory of Russia. I checked, and found their data removed, and all that I do that. And then you never know who is out there looking for ...
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Big areas of business?


anything I'm missing?
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God damn! I'm hungry!
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This is why I simply can't get into this Manga
Sometimes I take a look at the first few pages of some random chapters.

It's just ... too goofy
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I like cute things. Pic unrelated.
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I'm not a very good liberal.
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my fish when I didn't get to watch the Netherlands-Spain match live.
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Advice to your teenage self

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Ok, I know I'll be banned and harassed to oblivion, but fuck it.

I'm 15, and a few (a fair few, actually) of my friends are beginning to lose their virginities. I'm halfway towards wizardry and, although I have a few female friends, I feel as though I'm heading towards the life of a virgin.

I'm not kissless. In fact I have actually made out with a half-naked girl, but that ended pretty quickly.

So, what advice would you give to me, or your 15-year-old self on the subject of sex, relationships, and virginity? Should I take any opportunity I get?
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