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  • Virginchan is a bit like its big brother Wizardchan except with more focus on chilling out and also relaxing.
  • No rules so far. Not sure if I'll add any. (Obviously, you still can't post anything illegal. That includes loli and JB.)
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ITT: post yfw listening to your favorite music
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Can we all agree that Virginchan was great until I stopped posting?

It's ok. We had a good run.
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Desktop thread.
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What is on your mind?

Pic Unrelated
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I wish proprietor would just shut wizardchan down. There isn't a single reason to justify its continued existence.

>keeping muggles out is impossible
>lack of visibility has killed any trust in the administration
>increasing visibility will result in another copypaste-type scandal
>rodg-kun's sacrifice has created a web of normalfaggotry around wizardchan (twitter, jezebel, scallywagandvagabond, crasstalk, etc.) that will propel it into the spotlight when the next shooter comes
>while wizardchan provides some short term release for our people, in the long-term it will do nothing but contribute to the stereotyping and ostracizing of male virgins
>"I don't agree with you, you must be a normalfag"
>no ulama to condemn blasphemous ijtihad, issue fatwas, and carry out ta'zir

Wizardchan is dead. Long live Jewish Wizardchan.
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You find out she's pregnant. You guilt yourself into believing in love.
You've prepared everything. You've taken responsibility.
And you just said "I love you"

I'm not the father of the child because then the child wouldn't be 100%

but is there any loss in raising a girl that's not yours?
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Pic remotely related.

So people in iraq speak arabic right?

I want to gradually learn a language over time. none of this "study study strict" shit.

your brain remembers fun things.

what's an attention span? no <span>s in this post

how can i meet other people in other countries online?
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So what do you guys think of normalchan's new rules?

Also what is this gay captcha everyone knows it does nothing to stop spam.

Please get rid my involuntary google tracking.
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