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If your life was great in every way except that you would never know tfw gf, how bad would that be?

Is being a virgin for life the worst of your problems? It's the worst of my problems by quite a ways.

If it's not, what the hell is your worst problem?
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So anons, what do you think of this?

I for one am glad no one knows we exist.
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I like this place. I really enjoy coming here and being a total autistic faggot. does this annoy anyone?
the majority of posts i'm sure are mine.
i wish i could just talk like someone cared even though I don't care about anyone
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Is the only thing that will get our board more popular is to sell out?
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virginchan Demographic suvey

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Seeking Gamer Buddy

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I have been out of gaming for a while.
Last thing I got into was minecraft and pokemon.
Willing to do something a bit more mature.
I need to explore what kind of games I like

Skype(audio) is a must
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BOOM! Get off the front page Kanye
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Would you ever want to make a story someday? Something unique that u could say about yourself right before you die. What would it be about?

I want to write some comedic comic one day, but I have no idea what the its going to be on since im still learning to write and draw.
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fiddle dee dee
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Can I just post code here?
Board is not maintained anyway
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