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mods have a problem
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This is the Embassy Thread.

Here we discuss matters of normie/wizard relations and diplomacy. Normies can ask wizards questions, and vice versa.

I'll start with a question for the normies: do you know any wizards in real life? Are you friends with any? Are they like the wizards you see on the internet?
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How would wizards know that Krull is better than sex? Talk about a plot hole, American Dad!
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2001 Space Odyssey Get
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Just a question /b/. Is "loli" legal? Is it not just an illustration of cp? How does it get left on other chans...
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Anyone learning another language? If so, what's your resources and approach to it?

I'm learning Spanish because it's the lingua franca of my area in the US. I started off with just DL then I read some parts of an old grammar book, and now I have Rosetta Stone and Anki aswell. Unfortunately, I seem to forget words as soon as I learn them, this is in spite of me focusing on the same pool of words for the entirety of the time I've spent learning the language. I think like most people say I need immersion but it's difficult when the speed alone of a native speaker makes everything impossible to understand. I'm talking with someone on Skype occasionally but they understand my English much better than I can understand their Spanish.
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>be 18
>go to gun show this morning
>browse for a while
>buy offer to buy 1911
>didnt bring my ID
>"sure im 21"
>had to prove i was a wisconsin resident
>showed him my library card
>mfw i bought a gun with my library card
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So what bonus does Virginchan give to actual virgin users?
There is a bonus, right?
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>parents are out traveling
>buy a half bottle of wine and some pizza to celebrate
>haven't had an alcoholic drink in two years
>this cheap wine is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted in my life
>start projectile vomiting a half hour later
>completely sober again

Fuck me, I just wanted to do normal people things like get shitfaced.
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