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We IRC now

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Kanye stays on the front page.
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Fat Stupid Garbage - Japanophobia

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I cannot recall if I posted here before, but you are invited to watch Fat Stupid Garbage.

Stream 3 runs anime mostly from the 1980s and 1990s from 7:00 AM to about 4:00 PM Central Standard Time on weekdays and is set to a schedule.

Stream 1 has live action B-movies from the VHS era and other things of that sort in the evenings.

#fatstupidgarbage @

This is all non-profit, so I am not getting paid to advertise. I only want people to watch. I hope this does not count as spam.

We have a decent IRC community as is(many who like to get drunk and high), but new people are always welcome. If you tune in, thank you very much.
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sorry virgin chan. i'm gonna steel your users first.
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Guess who is having a baby
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I'm glad this website is still here, it's nostalgic. I don't have anything to contribute, I just miss the way things were back in the day.
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yeah. about to steal your users. hold up real quick.
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muh gunz thread

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well this place is dead, so how well armed are you?
>12ga pump shotgun
>.32 pocket revolver
>.45 1911
>ruger 10/22
>several combat knives
>12 ga flare gun
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