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We IRC now

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Let's start a software company
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Single girls

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I'm one of those wizards who still thinks about girls. Would get shit in and banned as a failed normy by wizchan elitists. There is this one I keep thinking back to every few months or so. I do a little check to see a recent pic, couple posts, single or relation, don't interact and then forget about her and watch my waifus on TV and stuff.

Sometimes I wonder with pics lime this the implications of single. Like... I am suspicious of guy friends. I keep thinking... They sure look smug... Even if it isn't considered a paired relationship could both be FWB?

Sometimes pro-ecchi girls seem like a doubleedgd sword. On one hand there is fewer strings. More about enjoyment and not them trying to bilk resources from you. In the other hand that openness probably means other guys have benefitted from her traits too which grosses me out.

Could be better if androphobia didn't get in the way of weighing girls by guys they are with. Maybe if I was more accepting of guys they wouldn't count against a girl if I saw friends and was pulled into speculations.
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I'm always horny
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