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Fantasies of fearing falling short of the image you're supposed to portray. Being weak and broken. Having those you love lose faith in your ability to save them.
Cuck down to know your true potential
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I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for posting. He removes the greatest ornament of friendship, who takes away from it respect. by Cicero.
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>Steam Group

#shut-in-network on Rizon
#shut-in-gaming on Rizon

use kiwi irc and hexchat to get on


>Skype group


Join us to talk, find a fellow shut in friend and just try to be nice and have a good time! Feel free to put your contact info and make friends!

Please note that this is a thread for ALL forms of shut-ins. NEETs, introverts, agoraphobics, people with social anxiety, et cetera!